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SMATV : Satellite Master Antenna Television

This enhanced version of the previously described MATV system allows clients to combine the benefits of additional satellite programmes, with the terrestrial services that are normally available to domestic viewers.

SMATV systems (Satellite Master Antenna Television) are now employed in most hotels and communal dwellings to provide end users with a broader range of programme facilities (Sky, CNN, Zee TV etc) for specialist interest groups, multilingual clients or private tenants.

A domestic (DTH) satellite dish or a larger commercial satellite dish are normally utilised to provide source signals to the Head-End site, where signal decoding takes place before onward distribution to the interface point with the end-user (Outlet). This type of system normally involves the installation of a durable stand-alone satellite dish which ranges from 60cm to 1.2m in diameter, dependent upon the geographic position of the installation site and the satellite platform being used for the required services.

Satellite services received by the dish can be supplied to the end-user using a variety different methods dependent upon the client’s specific requirements and the cost limitations.

Distribution methods may include the translation of satellite channels at the Head End system or the installation of multiple cable systems similar to IRS based technology which incorporate separate polarity (H/V) signal feeds and the latest polarity switching technology.

SMATV systems can be custom designed and then specially produced to meet a clients unique requirements, before final installation and commissioning by DASTV.


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