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MATV : Master Antenna Television

A multitude of commercial premises including hotels, offices, housing developments and holiday parks, now utilise some form of structured cable system to supply an array of different programmes and information services to their end-user customers.

These modern ‘Multi point’ distribution systems normally incorporate a form of MATV system (Master Antenna Television), which is dependent upon the client’s specific needs. While MATV systems may vary in size and complexity, the basic structure of the system includes two clear areas of interest;-

1. The Head End System

The MATV Head End is primarily tailored to provide the end-user with ‘Off-Air’ terrestrial services like BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4 and C5. The ‘Off-Air’ services are initially received by a robust high gain aerial installation, which is mounted at a convenient position on the premises.

A high quality antenna and Mast Head Amplification ensure that signal quality is optimised at the front end of the Head-End system therefore minimising any form of inherent noise, prior to the main amplification stages. This signal feed is then passed through channel equalisation stages to balance all incoming channels before additional filtering stages are used to minimise or reject unwanted interference sources. Clients now have the option of inserting additional UHF/ VHF channels for special features like information services (Guest Information), Video programmes (PPV) or ‘Off Air’ radio services (Radio1 etc), before the signal is then fed to the main launch amplification for onward distribution.

2. The Distribution System

The output signal from the launch amplifier is now inserted into a structured cabling system constructed of high grade cable and screened outlet plates, which are installed within the premises to provide the end user with the required service package.

Structured cabling systems can vary greatly in size, dependent upon the physical layout of the premises they are being installed into and the number of outlet points required to support the end-users customer requirements.

DASTV have acquired a large amount of practical experience of installing /maintaining these types of system, by completing major projects for commercial clients across the country.


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