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Commercial TV

Years of working with some of the biggest names in the construction industry has seen Direct Aerials build a reputation for delivering digital TV systems across a broad range of projects on time and on budget.

From planning and quoting to installation and commissioning, we have created a way of working that allows us to complete projects, quickly, safely and efficiently while our client, be they architect, developer or electrical contractor, is kept informed every step of the way.

As key members of the governments digital tick initiative, the confederation of aerial industries we are one of the leading suppliers of digital TV to the construction industry in our areas.

Find below a series of links explaining the types of commercial systems available.

I.R.S. Integrated Reception System

M.A.T.V. Master Antenna Television

S.M.A.T.V. Satellite Master Antenna Television

We have done various projects

  • Leisure centres
  • Hotels
  • Guest houses
  • Flats
  • Industrial units
  • Conference rooms
  • Multiple dwellings (Communal Systems)


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